iPhone Repair Booking

While-you-wait repair appointments are only available for the following repairs:

  • iPhone charging issues (non-board repair)
  • iPhone sound issues (non-board repair)
  • iPhone microphone (non-board repair)
  • iPhone rear glass camera lens

These repairs are typically completed within 30 mins. Please scroll down to book your time slot.

iPhone screen repair

Please be aware: When we fit an iPhone 11 screen and upwards, your iPhone will display a notification for a limited period of time. This is normal for an after-market display and not a defect. You can read more by clicking here.

Value LCDs

We are now able to offer VALUE LCD screens on certain iPhone models. Click here for pricing. Value LCD screens are ideal for the cost-conscious customer who does not need a higher-quality OLED panel. Our VALUE LCDs will work just as well as an original OLED screen but will not be as high definition and colours may not be as accurate.

iPhone battery replacement

For iPhone 11 models and onwards: Although we fit brand new batteries, due to Apple’s recent updates this replacement battery will not display battery health in the “Battery” settings on the iPhone. You may also see messages within the first 15 days regarding this. Please note that this is not a defect.

Don’t forget! Need more than one repair on the same device? We discount the cheapest item by 50%!