Apple Watch Repairs Medway Kent

Looking to get your Apple Watch repaired by professional electronic technicians? We employ skilled electronic technicians who can repair Apple Watches to component level.

You can drop your Apple Watch into us at our prestige location at The Historic Dockyard, Chatham, Kent.

We discount on multiple repairs for the same Apple Watch! 50% discount on the cheapest repair item.

Please be aware, when we replace Apple Watch screens and gasket seals, we would not recommend you let your Apple Watch get wet after repairs. We cannot guarantee that your Apple Watch will be water-resistant after repair.

We require your Apple Watch to be unpaired from your iPhone and to be factory reset before we can complete repairs.

Watch Screen Repair Prices
Watch Screen Repair Prices

The most common Apple Watch problem. Broken screens. We've all been there but no need to panic!


We can repair your Apple Watch screen as long as the display and touchscreen are still working.


Apple Watch Series 1 – £105

Apple Watch Series 2 – £145

Apple Watch Series 3 – £145

Apple Watch Series 4 – £165

Apple Watch Series 5 – £165

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How it works:

You’re welcome to drop your Apple Watch into us or send in via post or courier.

When your Apple Watch arrives at our workshop, we will make a note of your Apple Watch and your details on our database.

We will inspect and repair your Apple Watch normally within 7-10 working days, although times may increase during busy periods.

If a price has not been agreed, we will inspect and contact you by phone or email and let you know exactly what costs are involved. We will not surprise you with any hidden or extra costs. Quoted Apple Watch repair prices always include parts and labour.

To repair your Apple Watch at our workshop, we have dedicated repair tools. We will always handle your Apple Watch with care when dismantling and reassembling, making sure not to leave any damage to the casing or Apple Watch internals.

At Apple Repairs Kent, we employ skilled electronic technicians ready to undertake various problems with Apple Watch. We can repair to component level meaning if your Apple Watch is dead or not powering on, we will always endeavour to repair your mainboard/motherboard/logic board, rather than simply replacing it. Most other companies will replace expensive components rather than attempting an electronic repair.

Smashed Apple Watch screen?

We are able to replace broken or damaged Apple Watch glass screens and touchscreen digitisers.  We only use the highest quality Apple Watch screens in our repairs to ensure a long-lasting, quality repair.

Poor Apple Watch battery life?

Is your Apple Watch running out of battery fast? We can replace your faulty Apple Watch battery and make it last as long as it did when you first purchased it.

Apple Watch not charging?

Having issues charging your Apple Watch? Let us inspect your Apple Watch and check the charging function.

12-month warranty!

All of our repairs are covered by a full 12 month warranty, giving you that extra peace of mind.

Please contact us today by phone or email for your instant Apple Watch repair quote.

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