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Are you looking to securely erase your data from computers, laptops, servers, tablets, mobile phones, USB drives, memory cards, hard drives, solid-state drives, portable storage and other data-bearing devices? We can help!

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We work closely with many local government bodies to securely erase data, ensuring that National Cyber Security Centre’s ‘higher-level’ security standards are met.

Secure data erasure is our recommended choice for data destruction. Secure data erasure involves overwriting every block of data on the data-carrying media such as the hard drive with unusable data. We securely erase data using the British HMG IS5 Enhanced standard. Erasing data involves the write head passing over each sector three times. The first time with zeros 0x00, the second time with 0xFF and the third time with random characters. There is one final pass to verify random characters by reading. Once the process is complete the system will electronically generate a unique data destruction certificate verifying its results.

We securely and permanently destroy data, preserving hard drives and other data storage intact for reuse or resale, which makes sound financial sense and is environmentally responsible. We enable the reuse, redeployment or resale of redundant hard drives, which makes sound financial sense in addition, by reducing demand for replacements, and therefore scarce raw materials, this is also arguably a more environmentally responsible alternative to recycling.

Affordability is key to our success with local businesses. We offer competitive secure data-erasing pricing for both corporate and consumer sectors. Whether you are a SME or a home office, we can help with erasing sensitive data and ensuring data recovery is impossible.

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