Apple MacBook Battery Replacement Service

Is your MacBook suffering from battery issues? Does your MacBook battery not last as long as it used to? We can replace your faulty MacBook battery fast! You can identify which MacBook battery replacement service you require by finding the model number on the base of your MacBook.

Local to Medway, Kent? Why not drop your MacBook into us? We aim to have your battery replaced same day (stock permitting) or within 2-3 working days. You can also pre-pay for a MacBook battery replacement service so that you can drop your MacBook in for repair while you wait!

MacBook Repair Prices

MacBook screen prices change weekly. For an accurate repair price, please message us your MacBook serial number. You can find the serial number of the base of your MacBook.

The prices quoted below are for a completely new top half assembly including the display panel, top covers, camera & microphone.

MacBook Pro:

15" A1398 - £495

13" A1502 - £405

13" A1706 - £325

13" A1708 - £295

15" A1707 - £695

15" A1990 - £685

13" A1989 - £295

13" A2159 - £295

13" A2289 - £295

13" A2338 - £325

13" A2251 - £295

16" A2141 - £725

MacBook Air:

11" A1465/A1466 - £225

13" A1932 - £295

13" A1932 2019 - £325

13" A2179 - £295

13" A2337 - £295


12" A1534 - £445

Is your MacBook dead, not powering on or intermittently turning off?

The cause could be a power supply problem or a logic board fault.

Because of the nature of the problem, we will need to diagnose the exact fault.

This may take time, approx 3-7 working days.

Repair costs for this particular power problem depend on the MacBook model. Typical MacBook power faults are repaired between £150 - £350.

We will need to spend time diagnosing and will always come back to you with a final price before committing to a repair.

Do you have an older MacBook that you still enjoy and want to continue using? Do you find it to be slow and takes an age to complete tasks? Why not let us upgrade your Apple MacBook with a lightning-fast SSD drive?

Apple MacBook models we can upgrade include:

1st Generation Intel MacBook “Core Duo” & “Core 2 Duo” 2006/2007/2008/2009/2010 Polycarbonate Black & White models & Aluminium Unibody.

MacBook A1181

MacBook A1278

MacBook A1342

MacBook Air A1304

MacBook Pro A1150/A1151

MacBook Pro A1211/A1212

MacBook Pro A1226/A1229

MacBook Pro A1260/A1261

MacBook Pro A1278/A1286/A1297

250GB SSD Upgrade – £100

500GB SSD Upgrade – £125

1TB SSD Upgrade – £145

2TB SSD Upgrade – £225

4TB SSD Upgrade – £325

Already have an SSD MacBook from the years 2013 2014 2015 2017?

We can now upgrade your SSD MacBook including:

MacBook Air A1465 A1466

MacBook Pro A1502 A1398

MacBook Pro A1708 no touchbar EMC 2978 3164

250GB SSD Upgrade – £125

500GB SSD Upgrade – £145

1TB SSD Upgrade – £185

2TB SSD Upgrade – £285 (excludes MacBook Pro A1708 no touchbar EMC 2978 3164)

Our upgrade prices include all necessary upgrade parts including the latest MacOS install that your MacBook will accept.

To minimise downtime and keep your data intact, we can clone your old drive to a new SSD. Price to complete this service is an extra £40.

MacBook Pro:

A1150/A1151 - £50

A1211/A1212/A1226/A1229/A1260/A1261 - £50

A1278 - £85

A1286 - £115

A1297 - £115

A1398 - £125

A1425 - £145

A1502 - £125

A1706 - £125

A1707 - £125

A1708 - £165

A1713 - £125

A1989 - £145

A1990 - £145

A2141 - £165

A2159 - £145

A2251 - £145

A2289 - £145

A2338 - £145

A2442 - £145

A2485 - £145

MacBook Air:

A1237 - £75

A1304 - £75

A1370 - £105

A1369 - £95

A1465 - £105

A1466 - £105

A1932 - £125

A2179 - £125

A2337 - £125


A1278 - £85

A1342 - £85

A1534 - £150

MacBook Pro:

MacBook Pro A1286 - £85

MacBook Pro A1297 - £85

MacBook Pro A1278 - £95

MacBook Pro A1398 - £125 (just keyboard) / £175 (inc palm rest cover)

MacBook Pro A1425 - £125 (just keyboard) / £175 (inc palm rest cover)

MacBook Pro A1502 - £125 (just keyboard) / £175 (inc palm rest cover)

MacBook Pro A1706 - £145

MacBook Pro A1707 - £145

MacBook Pro A1708 - £145

MacBook Pro A1989 - £165

MacBook Pro A1990 - £165

MacBook Pro A2141 - £145

MacBook Pro A2159 - £145

MacBook Pro A2251 - £145

MacBook Pro A2289 - £145

MacBook Pro A2338 - £165

MacBook Air:

MacBook Air A1237 - £95

MacBook Air A1304 - £95

MacBook Air A1370 - £95 (just keyboard) / £145 (inc palm rest cover)

MacBook Air A1369 - £95

MacBook Air A1465 - £125

MacBook Air A1466 - £125

MacBook Air A1932 - £145

MacBook Air A2179 - £145

MacBook Air A2337 - £165


MacBook A1534 - £165

Generally, Macs are pretty solid on the software front. From time to time, the software does become corrupt for one reason or another and so may need a helping hand.

We offer OS reloads, data backup and retrieval, virus & spyware removal, email issues resolved and much more.

Software only repairs are charged by the hour at £40.

Not too sure about your model MacBook? Drop us a line, we’re only too happy to help!

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The battery is a critical component of any laptop, including the Apple MacBook. It provides the power necessary to run the device and enables users to work and play on their laptops for hours on end, without the need for a power source. However, like all batteries, MacBook batteries can deteriorate over time, and if left unchecked, this can lead to serious problems, including internal damage and even the risk of fire.

One of the most significant issues with MacBook batteries is that they have a limited lifespan. Over time, the battery will lose its ability to hold a charge, and eventually, it will stop working altogether. This can be frustrating for users, who find that their MacBook is suddenly unable to run for more than a few minutes without being plugged in. In some cases, this can also result in the battery swelling, which can cause serious internal damage to the MacBook.

In addition to the risk of internal damage, a swollen MacBook battery can also pose a significant fire hazard. Lithium-ion batteries, which are commonly used in laptops, can overheat and cause a fire if they are damaged or malfunction. In some cases, the battery can even explode, which can cause significant harm to the user and potentially start a fire. This risk is particularly concerning given the close proximity of the battery to other sensitive components, such as the motherboard and hard drive, which can be easily damaged in the event of a fire.

To minimize the risk of these problems, it is crucial that MacBook users have their batteries checked and replaced if necessary. There are several signs that indicate that a MacBook battery may need to be replaced, including:

  • A reduction in the amount of time that the MacBook can run on a single charge
  • The battery is swelling or appears to be bulging
  • The MacBook not charging or charging very slowly

If you notice any of these symptoms, it is important to have your MacBook battery checked by a professional repair technician as soon as possible. In many cases, a replacement battery can be installed quickly and easily, and this can help to prevent any potential damage to the MacBook and reduce the risk of fire.

In addition to having your battery checked and replaced if necessary, there are also several steps that you can take to extend the lifespan of your MacBook battery. These include:

  • Calibrating your MacBook battery regularly
  • Minimizing the use of applications and processes that use a lot of battery power
  • Turning off the MacBook when it is not in use
  • Avoiding exposing the MacBook to extreme temperatures
  • Keeping the MacBook clean and free of dust, can reduce the risk of overheating

By following these steps and having your MacBook battery checked and replaced if necessary, you can help to ensure that your MacBook remains in good working condition and minimize the risk of serious problems, including internal damage and fire.

In conclusion, checking and replacing your MacBook battery is essential for maintaining the health and safety of your device. A well-maintained battery will help to ensure that your MacBook works reliably and provides you with the performance and features that you need. By having your battery checked and replaced if necessary, you can reduce the risk of internal damage, fire, and other serious problems, helping to ensure that your MacBook remains in good working order for years to come.

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