MacBook Hard Drive Upgrade to SSD

Do you have an older MacBook that you still enjoy and want to continue using? Do you find it to be slow and takes an age to complete tasks? Why not let us upgrade your Apple MacBook with a lightning-fast SSD drive?

What is an SSD drive? Simply put, Solid State Drives or SSD’s for short are a fast type of persistent memory drive. This means the data contents will not be erased when power is not present. When compared to an older style mechanical hard drive, SSD’s can perform much faster and are more reliable as there are no mechanical spinning disks that can become damaged if knocked.

Which MacBook models can be upgraded?

1st Generation Intel MacBook “Core Duo” & “Core 2 Duo” 2006/2007/2008/2009/2010 Polycarbonate Black & White models & Aluminium Unibody.

  • MacBook A1181
  • MacBook A1278
  • MacBook A1342

MacBook Pro models:

  • MacBook Pro A1150/A1151
  • MacBook Pro A1211/A1212
  • MacBook Pro A1226/A1229
  • MacBook Pro A1260/A1261
  • MacBook Pro A1278/A1286/A1297

MacBook Air models:

  • MacBook Air A1304

SSD Upgrade Prices

Our upgrade prices include all necessary upgrade parts including the latest MacOS install that your MacBook will accept.

While we have your MacBook stripped down, we will perform a free internal clean to ensure your MacBook will continue to work for years to come.

  • 250GB SSD Upgrade – £100
  • 500GB SSD Upgrade – £125
  • 1TB SSD Upgrade – £165
  • 2TB SSD Upgrade – £250
  • 4TB SSD Upgrade – £385

Want an exact replica of your old hard drive cloned to your new SSD drive?

To minimise downtime and keep your data intact, we can clone your old drive to a new SSD. Price to complete this service is an extra £40.

We can normally complete MacBook SSD upgrades within 2-3 days.

So, get in touch today to upgrade and give a new lease of life to your older MacBook.

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